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1.2.8. Storing an image in RAW format


  • With the GlanceImageImportPlugins parameter enabled, run the following command to upload a QCOW2 image and automatically convert it to RAW format.

    $ glance image-create-via-import \
        --disk-format qcow2 \
        --container-format bare \
        --name <name> \
        --visibility public \
        --import-method web-download \
        --uri <http://server/image.qcow2>
  • Replace <name> with the name of the image; this is the name that appears in openstack image list.
  • For --uri, replace <http://server/image.qcow2> with the location and file name of the QCOW2 image.

This example command creates the image record and imports it by using the web-download method. The glance-api downloads the image from the --uri location during the import process. If web-download is not available, glanceclient cannot automatically download the image data. Run the glance import-info command to list the available image import methods.