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4.8.3. Customizing an instance by using a config drive

You can create a config drive for an instance that is attached during the instance boot process. You can pass content to the config drive that the config drive makes available to the instance.


  1. Enable the config drive, and specify a file that contains content that you want to make available in the config drive. For example, the following command creates a new instance named config-drive-instance and attaches a config drive that contains the contents of the file my-user-data.txt:

    (overcloud)$ openstack server create --flavor m1.tiny \
      --config-drive true \
      --user-data ./my-user-data.txt \
      --image cirros config-drive-instance

    This command creates the config drive with the volume label of config-2, which is attached to the instance when it boots, and adds the contents of my-user-data.txt to the user_data file in the openstack/{version}/ directory of the config drive.

  2. Log in to the instance.
  3. Mount the config drive:

    • If the instance OS uses udev:

      # mkdir -p /mnt/config
      # mount /dev/disk/by-label/config-2 /mnt/config
    • If the instance OS does not use udev, you need to first identify the block device that corresponds to the config drive:

      # blkid -t LABEL="config-2" -odevice
      # mkdir -p /mnt/config
      # mount /dev/vdb /mnt/config