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4.4.4. Updating a host aggregate

  1. As an admin user in the dashboard, select Admin > System > Host Aggregates. All currently defined aggregates are listed in the Host Aggregates section.
  2. To update the instance’s Name or Availability zone:

    • Click the aggregate’s Edit Host Aggregate button.
    • Update the Name or Availability Zone field, and click Save.
  3. To update the instance’s Assigned hosts:

    • Click the aggregate’s arrow icon under Actions.
    • Click Manage Hosts.
    • Change a host’s assignment by clicking its + or - icon.
    • When finished, click Save.
  4. To update the instance’s Metadata:

    • Click the aggregate’s arrow icon under Actions.
    • Click the Update Metadata button. All current values are listed on the right-hand side under Existing Metadata.
    • Under Available Metadata, click on the Other field, and specify the key you want to add. Use predefined keys (see 表4.6「Host Aggregate Metadata」) or add your own (which will only be valid if exactly the same key is set in an instance’s flavor).
    • Click the + button; you can now view the new key under Existing Metadata.


      Remove a key by clicking its - icon.

    • Click Save.

      表4.6 Host Aggregate Metadata



      If specified, the aggregate only hosts this tenant (project). Depends on the AggregateMultiTenancyIsolation filter being set for the Compute scheduler.