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1.2.3. Updating an image


  1. In the dashboard, select Project > Compute > Images.
  2. Click Edit Image from the list.


    The Edit Image option is available only when you log in as an admin user. When you log in as a demo user, you have the option to Launch an instance or Create Volume.

  3. Update the fields and click Update Image when finished. You can update the following values - name, description, kernel ID, ramdisk ID, architecture, format, minimum disk, minimum RAM, public, protected.
  4. Click the menu and select Update Metadata option.
  5. Specify metadata by adding items from the left column to the right one. In the left column, there are metadata definitions from the Image Service Metadata Catalog. Select Other to add metadata with the key of your choice and click Save when finished.

You can also use the glance image-update command with the --property option to update an image. More values are available on the command line. For a complete list of available metadata properties, see Image Configuration Parameters.