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4.2.4. Logging in to an instance


To first load the key pair file into SSH, and then use ssh without naming it:

  1. Change the permissions of the generated key-pair certificate.

    $ chmod 600 os-key.pem
  2. Check whether ssh-agent is already running:

    # ps -ef | grep ssh-agent
  3. If not already running, start it up with:

    # eval `ssh-agent`
  4. On your local machine, load the key-pair certificate into SSH. For example:

    $ ssh-add ~/.ssh/os-key.pem
  5. You can now SSH into the file with the user supplied by the image.

The following example command shows how to SSH into the Red Hat Enterprise Linux guest image with the user cloud-user:

$ ssh cloud-user@

You can also use the certificate directly. For example:

$ ssh -i /myDir/os-key.pem cloud-user@