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5.10. Troubleshooting migration

The following issues can arise during instance migration:

  • The migration process encounters errors.
  • The migration process never ends.
  • Performance of the instance degrades after migration.

5.10.1. Errors during migration

The following issues can send the migration operation into an error state:

  • Running a cluster with different versions of Red Hat OpenStack Platform (RHOSP).
  • Specifying an instance ID that cannot be found.
  • The instance you are trying to migrate is in an error state.
  • The Compute service is shutting down.
  • A race condition occurs.
  • Live migration enters a failed state.

When live migration enters a failed state, it is typically followed by an error state. The following common issues can cause a failed state:

  • A destination Compute host is not available.
  • A scheduler exception occurs.
  • The rebuild process fails due to insufficient computing resources.
  • A server group check fails.
  • The instance on the source Compute node gets deleted before migration to the destination Compute node is complete.