Red Hat Customer Portal FAQ

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Common questions and answers about the Customer Portal.

What is the Red Hat Customer Portal?

The Customer Portal is the central location for accessing the resources your Red Hat subscriptions provide.

  • As a customer, you can use the Customer Portal to perform the following actions:
  • Manage your accounts and subscriptions
  • Download software and updates
  • Raise and manage support cases
  • Access solutions, FAQs, and official Red Hat product documentation
  • Access a catalog of security advisories and learn about security measures for Red Hat products
  • Access an integrated search engine for Red Hat resources
  • Access rich educational content such as white papers, information sheets, and multimedia presentations
  • Request product evaluations
  • Participate in community discussions

Which languages does the Customer Portal support?

By default, the Customer Portal displays all menus and options in US English. However, you can also select the following languages from the globe icon in the header bar:

  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Japanese
  • Korean

Some resources on the Customer Portal are also available in languages other than US English. For example, some product documentation is available in a range of languages, and you can access a machine translated version of resources such as knowledgebase articles and solutions. All language options are available directly from the language menu in the documents themselves.

Who can access the Customer Portal?

The Customer Portal is publicly accessible. However, some features are restricted to customers with active subscriptions.

How can I find my login details?

If you cannot remember your username or password, use the Reset your password screen. You will need your account name or the email address associated with your account to retrieve these details.

For more information about the access your username and password provides, see The importance of the Red Hat (Customer Portal) login.

How can I access the content associated with my subscriptions?

To access the content associated with your subscriptions, you must log in using an account that is associated with those subscriptions. You must also confirm the email address associated with that account.

How can I purchase subscriptions?

Common subscriptions are available from the Red Hat Store.

For all other subscriptions, contact Sales.

How can I open a support case?

Click SUPPORT CASES in the header bar.

NOTE: Only authorized users can open support cases.

For more information on raising and managing support cases, see How to engage with Red Hat support.

How can I report a problem with or request an enhancement to the Customer Portal?

Raise a support case and enter Red Hat Customer Portal as the product.

How can I download software and errata?

Click DOWNLOADS in the header bar.

How can I access the Red Hat Knowledgebase?

Click the magnifying glass icon in the header bar, enter a search term, and select Knowledgebase from the content type list on the results screen.

How can I access product documentation (for example, user manuals and release notes)?

Click Products & Services > Documentation to see the product documentation for all Red Hat products, services, and offerings. Alternatively, click the magnifying glass icon in the header bar, enter a search term, and select Documentation from the content type list on the results screen to see results from within the product documentation.

How can I access learning subscriptions?

Click Products & Services > Training & Certifications to see Red Hat’s training catalogue, sign up for courses, and take assessments.

What Red Hat technologies does the Customer Portal use?

The Customer Portal incorporates technologies such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux, OpenShift Container Platform, Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, and Red Hat JBoss Seam.


How to change the severity level of raised case?

Please add this question on FAQ and answer this question.


I've added this question to the Case Mangement FAQ:

I don't see any "Report a Problem" links on any of the pages in the CP. Can you clarify where I should report problems with a particular web page?


I've updated the document with accurate instructions for how to report a problem. This procedure has changed with the recent portal upgrade.

Does exist a case managment   system opensource ?

Yes "RT" is one of them.

Best Practical

RT: Request Tracker is the leading enterprise-grade open source issue tracking system. Every day thousands of organizations use it for bug tracking, ...

I am looking for such a system ..


It appears that all url's that point to a specific section in a product doc ( emoveSystems) redirect to instead of its intended target.  Please fix, tks.

How to extract a single file from tarball

How can see videos?

Hi i am planning to setup the RHEV-H , please guide me already RHEV- Manager running .so please explain how to proceed further to configure the RHEV-H and connect to the RHEV-manager.

Hi i am planning to setup the RHEV-H , please guide me already RHEV- Manager running .so please explain how to proceed further to configure the RHEV-H and connect to the RHEV-manager.

am planing to test rhev-h ...

hi, im going to setup the RHEV for my bunch of servers. But i don't know about this system(virtual). i need a tutorial even a video. please help me what can i do that this.

Hi, I am trying to download the RHEL 4Update9 iso's, but failed. Can anyone please let me know the location/link so that I can download the same.

As everyone know there are many versions of RedHat OS. Can you help me choose the right version for me (I'm new to RedHat, therefore some links for books to learn will be essential for me). I want it to learn for personal use & perhaps for my career (up-coming programmer). Hope it's enough to help.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Joseph,

We have many experienced users of Red Hat Enterprise Linux active in the RHEL group here on the customer portal. Why not start a discussion there and ask about useful resources and books to learn from?

Greetings.... ,
I have recently Installed Red Hat server 6, with 5 Xp client Machines and I`m facing problem in activating NFS and Samba services,can you please guide me for same..

Thanks & Regards

Mahesh S. A.

how can i fully access your site. Please tell me.

I am using RHEL6.3 and i am trying to install fwknop-server-1:2.5.1-x86_64 and the error it showing is failed dependeneics (64 bit) is needed. I have searched through web but i am unable to overcome this error. Help me out Please

We have enough license, but get the error during register by rhnreg_ks --username=****** --password=****** --force


3 systems entitled, 5 available...

Error Class Code: 70
Error Class Info:
All available subscriptions for the requested channel have been exhausted.
Please contact a Red Hat Network Sales associate.
An error has occurred while processing your request. If this problem
persists please enter a bug report at
If you choose to submit the bug report, please be sure to include
details of what you were trying to do when this error occurred and
details on how to reproduce this problem.

I am a consultant that supports multiple Red Hat customers. Can each customer add me to their RHN account so I only have a single login? How will I be able to choose which customer I'm opening a case for?

Hi Calvin. You'll need each customer you support to create a login for you on their account.

HI I am setting up REHL 6 Satellite Server . I register the server it register and i see the on the customer > subscribtion portal that Satellite is register still cannot download the manifest . I see on the your portal that if the satellite is not register you cannot find download option for manifest. Not sure what am i doing wrong .

another thing im trying to setup capsule
run these commands on my satellite.

rpm -Uvh ( It ran and install the packages)

subscription-manager register --org "your organization" (it work replace with my org name)

subscription-manager list --available --all

Got this error
Unable to verify server's identity: tlsv1 alert unknown ca < I know it look for CA server but i think this Satellite is also a CA too.>
Please help.


am trying to register my linux system with subscribtion-manager cmd , it shows the system is registered but not subscribed and am not getting any updates

can any one please suggest on this , how to subscribe


How to setup to see more packages per page?

Default is 20 packages per page, wna to setup 100 per packages.

my rhel satellite server is not connecting: it may be an ssl problem, or possibly a port (80 or 443)problem, how can i determine if my ports are open to rhel satellite service.

another question, to reregister a subscription (satellite server) on the rhel satellite portal do i have to delete the current server (subscription) on the site

How do I get an export of the manifest for all my entitlements?

Can I use Mobile iOS device to view my support ticket?

How to find my systems and channels for upgrading? Once I went to subscribtion and somewhere found them.

How do you register deals if you are a partner with Redhat?

The question I clicked in the FAQ is "How do I access the RH Knowledge Base. and the answer is "How do I access product documentation?" The question and answer are not aligned.

when i want to download redhat jboss brms from customer portal and when i click it , it opens a page with this message :"You do not have access to the requested software "

is there anyone that can help me why i get this message?and how i can download this product?

Question 's 1) I was still concerned that nothing there says when to utilize which subscription? What exactly does one physical and 4 virtual mean? 2) Does it depend on whose hyper-visor you are using? VMware, Hyper-V, SUSE Linux's hyper-visor or Red Hat's own hyper-visor?

Hey guys, I am tying to change subscription to get satellite repos but when I click subscription I get following error:

Internal Server Error - Read

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Reference #3.4e89fea5.1496326788.1b55e905

Please help

what is the url of the redhat drop box?

Please contact Red Hat technical support

How do I add an additional technical support contact from my organization?

Hi! How can I get access to Tower's support?
I have actual license, how to activate it to create case?

If you have an active subscription with standard or premium support (not self-support) to a Red Hat product you should be able to open a case here

Once my trial expires, and I purchase a subscription is it necessary to redownload RedHat? Or can I just login into the server and it automatically updates my subscription status?

You will need to log into your system and attach the new subscription in order to continue to get updates.

Hello! My email address has changed since my account was created and I don't see a way to update it from the profile update page. How can I accomplish this?


Hi Dalton, You can change your email address here: That's accessible via the menu invoked when you click your name at the top right of the Customer Portal > Account Details link.

Hello I bought a licence with my credit card online. But I havent received the invoice to my email or i can not reach via my account at your webpage login screen. How can i get my invoice from you?

You should be able to log back in to the web store and navigate to your Order History. If you still need assistance, Customer Service will be happy to help.

Hi, I've added this to the configure yum repo FAQ:

I want to upgrade apache for latest version 2.4.6 and to install in Linux. can you help me on this.

how to run a graphics program in rhel 7.x

how to get red hat linux 7.1 enterprise edition classroom setup

when I am login as root user in putty to the redhat box, change my directoy to cd home i only see other user and not root i am little confused

How do I accept the Terms and Conditions

i am getting this message during the installation "detected cpu family 6 model and intel cpu has not gone under testing by redhat " and it is not recommended to user this media how to solve such problem

i already accept Redhat Term & Condition but still saying me when i try to get redhat subscription u must first accept Red Hat's Terms and conditions. Please visit[]=signIn . You may have to log out of and back into the Customer Portal in order to see the terms.

how can solve thats issue

Hi everyone, let me introduce myself. my name Ryandhi, i'm new on Redhat. could you help me to entered Redhat accreditation? i already visit the site that belong redhat accreditation, but however the message i haven't login always appear from salesforce. could anyone to help me with that? thanks

Good afternoon from Hawaii! I am attempting to update Firefox but one of the dependencies is Anyone have any ideas where to find that dependency? Thanks.

Hi, I don't wanna receive an e-mail about bug fix report. How can i do this??

What are the recommended approaches for managing user, server and CA certificates on Red Hat Enterprise Linux? Is there a recommended location/directory/folder? What are the suggested privileges to assign to these types of directories/files?

how do i get download and install fortran 90/ ifort ? for my redhat 7.3

Hello sir ,

Pl.. help me for database server backup my servers s reining this times

Hi, may i know how to solve "WFLYJCA0040: failed to invoke operation: WFLYJCA0042: failed to match pool. Check JndiName: java:jboss/datasources/test" please?

What i need?

I need setup oracle database in JBoss EAP 7.2.0.GA version.(Note: it worked fine when i use Jboss EAP7.1)

What i did?

I have added ojdbc6.jar in \jbosshome\modules\com\oracle\ojdbc6\main. Here is my module.xml in \jbosshome\modules\com\oracle\ojdbc6\main

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<module xmlns="urn:jboss:module:1.0" name="">
    <resource-root path="ojdbc6.jar"/>
     <module name="javax.api"/>
     <!-- <module name="javax.transaction.api"/> -->

and standalone.xml

 <datasource jta="true" jndi-name="java:jboss/datasources/test" pool-name="TEST" enabled="true" use-java-context="true">

<driver name="oracle" module="">

Did i miss something? I got error when run "test connection" in management console

ERROR [] (External Management Request Threads -- 1) WFLYCTL0013: Operation ("test-connection-in-pool") failed - address: ([ ("subsystem" => "datasources"), ("data-source" => "TEST") ]) - failure description: "WFLYJCA0040: failed to invoke operation: WFLYJCA0042: failed to match pool. Check JndiName: java:jboss/datasources/test"

I solved it by changing setting from to as below:

<driver name="oracle" module="">

This version of the specification seems to be more stringent.

How do I accept Redhat's Terms and Conditions ?

I'm sorry to hear of your problem, Mr. Tsang.  You may try logging out of the Red Hat Customer Portal, clearing your browser's cache & cookies, and then logging back in. If that does not present the terms and conditions to you for acceptance, you should also try this direct link: If that also fails, please contact Red Hat Support.  (US toll-free number is 888-GO-REDHAT [888-467-3342].)