Red Hat Customer Portal FAQ

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Common questions and answers about the Customer Portal.

What is the Red Hat Customer Portal?

The Customer Portal is the central location for accessing the resources your Red Hat subscriptions provide.

  • As a customer, you can use the Customer Portal to perform the following actions:
  • Manage your accounts and subscriptions
  • Download software and updates
  • Raise and manage support cases
  • Access solutions, FAQs, and official Red Hat product documentation
  • Access a catalog of security advisories and learn about security measures for Red Hat products
  • Access an integrated search engine for Red Hat resources
  • Access rich educational content such as white papers, information sheets, and multimedia presentations
  • Request product evaluations
  • Participate in community discussions

Which languages does the Customer Portal support?

By default, the Customer Portal displays all menus and options in US English. However, you can also select the following languages from the globe icon in the header bar:

  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Japanese
  • Korean

Some resources on the Customer Portal are also available in languages other than US English. For example, some product documentation is available in a range of languages, and you can access a machine translated version of resources such as knowledgebase articles and solutions. All language options are available directly from the language menu in the documents themselves.

Who can access the Customer Portal?

The Customer Portal is publicly accessible. However, some features are restricted to customers with active subscriptions.

How can I find my login details?

If you cannot remember your username or password, use the Reset your password screen. You will need your account name or the email address associated with your account to retrieve these details.

For more information about the access your username and password provides, see The importance of the Red Hat (Customer Portal) login.

How can I access the content associated with my subscriptions?

To access the content associated with your subscriptions, you must log in using an account that is associated with those subscriptions. You must also confirm the email address associated with that account.

How can I purchase subscriptions?

Common subscriptions are available from the Red Hat Store.

For all other subscriptions, contact Sales.

How can I open a support case?

Click SUPPORT CASES in the header bar.

NOTE: Only authorized users can open support cases.

For more information on raising and managing support cases, see How to engage with Red Hat support.

How can I report a problem with or request an enhancement to the Customer Portal?

Raise a support case and enter Red Hat Customer Portal as the product.

How can I download software and errata?

Click DOWNLOADS in the header bar.

How can I access the Red Hat Knowledgebase?

Click the magnifying glass icon in the header bar, enter a search term, and select Knowledgebase from the content type list on the results screen.

How can I access product documentation (for example, user manuals and release notes)?

Click Products & Services > Documentation to see the product documentation for all Red Hat products, services, and offerings. Alternatively, click the magnifying glass icon in the header bar, enter a search term, and select Documentation from the content type list on the results screen to see results from within the product documentation.

How can I access learning subscriptions?

Click Products & Services > Training & Certifications to see Red Hat’s training catalogue, sign up for courses, and take assessments.

What Red Hat technologies does the Customer Portal use?

The Customer Portal incorporates technologies such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux, OpenShift Container Platform, Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, and Red Hat JBoss Seam.