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The award-winning Red Hat Customer Portal is your one place for subscription resources — from comprehensive product documentation and intelligent tools, to security updates and technical support.

Award Winner 2011-2018

The Customer Portal has been recognized eight years in a row as one of “The Ten Best Web Support Sites” by The Association of Support Professionals (ASP).

Open Source Leadership

Red Hat is the leading commercial contributor to the Linux® kernel, JBoss® upstream community, and countless other open source projects.

Because Red Hat is the world's leading open source provider, your subscription empowers you to contribute and drive continuous progress and innovation through open source communities.

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You asked. We acted.

Your input drives us. We always listen to your feedback and we use it to improve our services, products, and your experience with Red Hat.

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Help, When You Need it

Find everything you need related to Red Hat technical support, from support policies and programs to product-specific documentation and guidance.

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Red Hat Product Pages

Find out what’s new and access key resources in an aggregated view of content by product.

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Don't limit yourself

Red Hat subscriptions aren't tied to a specific version or platform. You can upgrade to any supported version of Red Hat software and deploy it on physical, virtual or cloud-based servers.

Red Hat Insights

Predict and prevent problems before they occur in your IT infrastructure with actionable intelligence powered by Red Hat.

Delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Red Hat Insights identifies key threats to security, stability, and performance and provides clear, tailored, and actionable remediation steps. Gain more visibility and start proactively managing your physical, virtual, containers, and private and public cloud environments today.

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Security Virtual Events

Hear the latest security trends and ways to keep your IT environment secure at Red Hat security virtual events.

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Red Hat Product Security Risk Report

Read about the security vulnerabilities that affected Red Hat products in 2015 and how we responded to protect our customers.

A detailed look at the vulnerabilities we responded to in 2016 will be published in February 2017.

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Customer Success

At Red Hat we are dedicated to your success. Red Hat Customer Success is a program we have designed to help you achieve your targeted business outcomes faster by maximizing the impact of your Red Hat subscription. Through continuous engagement and timely delivery of tailored resources, content, and tools, Red Hat Customer Success elevates our collaboration to help you effectively deploy and manage technical deployments and achieve your business goals.

Quality assurance

Red Hat's Quality Assurance team works closely with our product development teams and provides the final engineering check before Red Hat's open source products are released to our customers and partners. Our Quality Assurance program includes acceptance, functionality, regression, integration, and performance testing aimed at achieving the high level of standards we expect for Red Hat Enterprise products.

Legal assurance

The Red Hat Open Source Assurance program provides our customers who are developing and deploying open source solutions with some level of protection from legal harm. The program includes assurances for customers purchasing subscriptions to Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, Red Hat JBoss® Enterprise Middleware, and other Red Hat-branded subscription products.

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Product life cycle

Our products are backed by longer, committed life cycles. This means more choice, flexibility and ease of planning. Reduce your costs with no license or upgrade fees, and no vendor lock-in means you're free to choose from the products and solutions that work best for your organization. By testing new tools and features, you have a roadmap for future upgrades and know what to plan for.

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