Built on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® and Kubernetes, OpenShift Container Platform provides a secure and scalable multi-tenant operating system for today’s enterprise-class applications. It also provides integrated application runtimes and libraries. 

Product Feature Highlights

Service Catalog

OpenShift Service Catalog provides self service tools and automated processes:

  • To search for, provision, and bind application services to OpenShift applications  
  • Provide a more secure and consistent way for administrators to provide new services to end users

Enhanced Container Platform Multi-Tenancy

Container platform multi-tenancy makes managing many projects across teams straightforward. Use the improved web console to:

  • Quickly search for projects
  • Get project details
  • Manage project membership

Container Orchestration with Kubernetes

OpenShift Container Platform includes Kubernetes for container orchestration and management. OpenShift adds developer and operations-centric tools that enable:

  • Rapid application development
  • Easy deployment and scaling
  • Long-term life-cycle maintenance for teams and applications


OpenShift Container Platform leverages integrated components from Kubernetes to automate:

  • Application builds
  • Deployments
  • Scaling
  • Health management
  • And more!

Multiple Language Support with Polyglot

Run multiple languages, frameworks, and databases on the same platform and take advantage of the Docker eco-system. 

Container Storage

Dynamically provision storage for multiple storage types. Expose different tiers of storage to developers using Quality of Sevice (QoS) labels.

Get Started with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform


Before beginning, review the planning documentation.


Before installation, review the system, environment, and host requirements.


30 Minutes

Allow approximately 30 minutes for installation.

Install Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

  1. 1

    Plan your installation

  2. 2

    Install OpenShift Container Platform

  3. 3

    Verify the installation

  4. 4

    Set up registries

  5. 5

    Set up routers

  6. 6


Security and OpenShift

Security Guide

Use OpenShift Container Platform to create, deploy, and manage containers at scale, with key elements of security for each layer of the container solution stack.

Application Development

Develop applications with OpenShift Container Platform

Learn how to set up and configure a workstation to develop and deploy applications in an OpenShift Container Platform cloud environment.

Container-Native Storage for OpenShift Container Platform

Container-Native Storage for OpenShift Container Platform

Learn how to dynamically provision storage for multiple storage types. Provision different tiers of storage using Quality of Service (QoS) labels. Visit the Red Hat Container Catalog for more information on using containers with Openshift Container Platform.

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