Red Hat Data Grid is an in-memory, distributed, elastic NoSQL key-value datastore.

Data Grid is built from the Infinispan open-source software project and is available to deploy as an embedded library, as a standalone server, or as a containerized application on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. 

Data Grid is available to download from the Red Hat Customer Portal.

Product Policies and Support Programs

Life Cycle Policies

Red Hat offers support and maintenance over stated time periods for the major versions of Red Hat Data Grid.



Accessing objects from local memory is much faster than accessing objects from remote data stores such as relational databases. This optimizes performance and eliminates the bottleneck that exists with application lookup processes to large single server databases.

Scalable Cache Modes

Red Hat Data Grid can provide a single-node in-memory data cache or a clustered cache where entries are replicated across nodes.

Consistent Data Distribution

Red Hat Data Grid uses consistent hash algorithms to ensure that a cluster contains enough copies of cache entries to provide durability and fault tolerance while not overloading the environment. Additionally, Red Hat Data Grid uses mechanisms such as cache invalidation and expiration to remove stale data entries from the cache.

Flexible Interaction

Red Hat Data Grid supports different protocols to provide access to cache entries from multiple endpoints, including the Hot Rod protocol and HTTP via a RESTful API.

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