Red Hat Data Grid 8 Component Details

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Red Hat Data Grid component details for each release are listed below. As part of the release process, several JBoss Community components may be added or removed for dependency or compatibility purposes, while other components may be included as technology previews.

Data Grid 8.0

The following community components are integrated into Data Grid 8 and are supported for use in both development and production, according to your subscription agreement.

Data Grid 8 Components

Component RHDG 8.0.0
Infinispan 10.1.5
Aesh 2.4.0
Caffeine 2.8.0
Lucene/Solr 5.5.5
Hibernate Search 5.10.7
JBoss Logging 3.4.1
JBoss Marshalling 2.0.9
JBoss Transactions/Narayana 5.9.8
JGroups 4.1.9
Log4j 2.13.1
Protostream 4.3.2
Antlr 3.5.2
Commons Codec 1.11
Commons IO 2.5
Elytron 1.10.4
Getopt 1.0.13
HttpClient 4.5.4
HttpCore 4.4.5
Infinispan Console 0.4.0
Jackson (com.fasterxml) 2.10.0
Javassist 3.24.1.GA
JBoss Metadata 13.0.0
JBoss Threads 2.3.3
JBoss VFS 3.2.14
Hibernate Commons Annotations 5.0.5
Netty 4.1.45
Picketbox 5.0.3
Staxmapper 1.3.0
SLF4J 1.7.25

Highlighted components are used for Library and Server mode, otherwise for Server only.

Finding Data Grid Components

You can find complete component details for Data Grid directly from your project as follows:

  1. Download the archive that contains the RHDG sources, jboss-datagrid-${version}, from the Product Downloads page.
  2. Extract the archive to your file system.
  3. Open a terminal window and change to the top-level directory that contains the pom.xml file.
  4. Run mvn dependency:tree to retrieve information about dependencies.