Built on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® and Kubernetes, OpenShift Container Platform provides a secure and scalable multi-tenant operating system for today’s enterprise-class applications. It also provides integrated application runtimes and libraries. 

Product Feature Highlights

Enterprise-ready Kubernetes platform

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is a consistent, managed Kubernetes experience for on-premises and cloud-based deployments. Built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Kubernetes, OpenShift Container Platform provides a secure and scalable multi-tenant operating system for enterprise-class applications, while delivering integrated application runtimes and libraries.

Full stack, automated operations

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform comes with a streamlined, automatic install so you can get up and running with Kubernetes as quickly as possible. Once installed, OpenShift Container Platform uses operators for push-button, automatic platform updates for the container host, cluster, and application services running on the cluster.

Accelerate application development

Developers can take advantage of built-in CI/CI pipelines and source-to-image capabilities. Self-service enables developers to change relevant settings and test new services at any time.


Operators act like an extension of your engineering team, watching over your environment and using its current state to make decisions in real time. Operators provide:

  • Repeatability of installation and upgrade.

  • Constant health checks of every system component.

  • Over-the-air (OTA) updates for OpenShift components and ISV content.

Get Started with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform


Before installation, review the product architecture content.

Installation type

Before installation, determine your installation method.

30 Minutes

Allow approximately 30 minutes for installation.

Install Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

  1. 1

    Determine your installation method.

  2. 2

    Install OpenShift Container Platform.

  3. 3

    Configure your environment.


Installation on Multiple Platforms

Install and deploy your cluster

Learn how to deploy a cluster on infrastructure that the installation program provisions and the cluster maintains, or how to deploy a cluster on infrastructure that you prepare and maintain. Installer-provisioned infrastructure is available on AWS, while user-provisioned infrastructure is available on AWS, vSphere, and bare metal.


Use operators to help package, deploy, and manage your applications.

Different classes of operators perform cluster operations and run services on the cluster for your applications to use.

Developer Catalog

Develop using the Developer Catalog

The redesigned Developer Catalog is the entry point for a developer to access all services available to them, including operators, Service Catalog, brokers, and source-to-image builds.

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