Red Hat Subscription Management (RHSM) is a customer-driven, end-to-end solution that provides tools for subscription status and management and integrates with Red Hat's system management tools.

RHSM provides status, inventory, organization, and reporting on Red Hat subscriptions via:

  • A hosted service on the Red Hat Customer Portal
  • On-premise access through Red Hat Satellite
  • Using Subscription Manager from a Red Hat Enterprise Linux system
  • A robust supported and documented API for RHSM

When you purchase a subscription to a product, RHSM tracks which system(s) in your inventory are registered to the subscription. Registered systems are entitled to support services, as well as errata, patches, and upgrades.


Manage your subscriptions on the Customer Portal

Go to RHSM

Red Hat Subscription Management Info

Product Feature Highlights

RHSM manages your subscriptions and utilization in a simplified user interface and helps you:

System and Subscription Information

Easily determine the relationship between systems, subscriptions, and contracts.

Usage Summaries

View a summary of subscription utilization, making purchase and renewal decisions easier.

Contract Views

View a summary of contracts, including a view of the systems using subscriptions purchased with each contract.

Flexible Management

Control your consumption and allocation of subscriptions with local system, hosted, on-premise, and public cloud tools.

System Compliance

View subscription compliance status across all systems at a glance.

Errata Display

View a summary of errata that applies to all of your systems, and errata specific to each system.

Get Started with Red Hat Subscription Management

  1. 1

    Make sure you have an active subscription

    Visit RHSM and ensure that you have at least one active Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription. If you need a subscription, you can purchase one from the Red Hat Store, contact Red Hat Sales, or via a Red Hat Partner.

  2. 2

    Choose the right registration service for your environment

    Determine if you are going to register with the hosted subscription management service on the Customer Portal (online or offline systems), or with an on-premise Red Hat Satellite server.

    If you’re planning to use your Red Hat subscription in a public cloud, learn more about Cloud Access.

  3. 3

    Register your system

    Our assistant will guide you through the options and steps necessary to register your Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems.

    Go to Registration Assistant

Browse Red Hat Subscription Management Knowledge


Managing Subscriptions on the Customer Portal

Customer Portal Subscription Management Overview

A brief overview of functionality that can be used to mange Red Hat subscriptions from the Red Hat Customer Portal.

Additional Resources

Managing subscriptions on-premise

Red Hat Satellite 6.3 Content Management Guide

If you want to use an on-premise subscription management solution, we recommend Red Hat Satellite 6.

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Red Hat Life Cycles

Red Hat offers subscription services for each major release of products throughout four life-cycle phases—called Production 1, 2, and 3, and an Extended Life Phase.