What is Spring Boot?

Spring Boot lets you create stand-alone Spring-based applications and (Micro)services. Spring Boot provides ways to implement common (Micro)service patterns, such as externalized configuration, health check, circuit breaker, failover.

Spring Boot can be deployed as a bootable JAR on Red Hat Enterprise Linux or as a container on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

Spring Boot applications are built using Maven artifacts. Red Hat supported version of Spring Boot related artifacts can be downloaded from the Red Hat Customer Portal or accessed online using the JBoss Enterprise Maven Repository.

Product Policies and Support Programs

Life Cycle Policies

Red Hat offers support and maintenance over stated time periods for the major versions of Spring Boot.


Health Checks

Checks readiness and liveness of the service. Service restarts automatically if probing fails.

Externalize Parameters

Makes the application independent of the environment where it runs.

Service Discovery

Service/Endpoint deployed on OpenShift and exposed behind a service or route using the service name matching a DNS entry.

Server Side Load Balancing

Handles load increases by deploying multiple service instances, and by transparently distributing the load across them.

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