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Red Hat® Quay is a secure, private container registry that builds, analyzes and distributes container images. It provides a high level of automation and customization. Red Hat Quay is also available as a hosted service called

Red Hat Quay Features

Vulnerability Scanning (powered by Clair) 

Continually scan your containers for vulnerabilities, giving you complete visibility into known issues and how to fix them.

Geographic Replication

Reliably store, build, and deploy a single set of container images across multiple geographies.

Automated software deployments

Streamline your continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline with build triggers, git hooks, and robot accounts.

Advanced Access Control Management

Fine-grain access control of the registry with multiple identity and authentication providers as well as support for teams and organization mapping.

Get Started with Red Hat Quay

Red Hat Quay runs on your infrastructure, either as a container or as part of an OpenShift cluster. Use these guides to install and secure the registry by first choosing your deployment method. Refer to the Red Hat Quay data sheet for details.

Welcome email for Quay Evaluation

Red Hat Quay evaluation users will receive a welcome email containing the instructions for pulling the Quay container image.  Request an evaluation here.

Deploying Quay

Red Hat Quay Proof-of-Concept

This procedure describes how to deploy a non-production, test-only Red Hat Quay setup (based on For Testing as a container).

Red Hat Quay High Availability

This procedure describes how to deploy a high availability, enterprise-quality Red Hat Quay setup.

Red Hat Quay on OpenShift

This procedure describes how to deploy Red Hat Quay on an OpenShift cluster.

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