OpenShift Container Platform 4.x Tested Integrations

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Tested Integrations are a defined set of specifically tested configurations and interface points between technologies that represent the most common combinations that Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) customers are using or deploying. For these integrations, Red Hat has directly, or through certified partners, exercised a full range of platform tests as part of the product release process. Issues identified as part of this testing process are highlighted in release notes for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. For more information on each of these please see the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Certified Ecosystem, in the hardware and cloud provider spaces.

General Compatibility

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform offers some consistencies across all architectures, and deployment methodologies. Where applicable those compatibilities will be outlined below:

Architecture Specific Compatibility

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is offered on several different architectures, and as a result, must maintain different Test Matrices for each architecture. You can find an outline for how Red Hat is testing the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform Product for each architecture below.