You asked for a central location for everything you need to get started with and benefit most from your Red Hat Subscription…

We’ve updated the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Product Page with helpful Knowledge content collections, easy paths to product documentation, and more.

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You asked for a better way to manage your support cases in the Red Hat Customer Portal…

A new version of Portal Case Management is available that includes user interface improvements to more closely align with your overall Red Hat Customer Portal experience.

Performance enhancements have also made it easier and faster for you to stay up to date on your support cases.

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You asked to receive software updates in an easy, summarized format…

Starting with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1, asynchronous kernel and user-space updates will now be delivered in a single batched update following the predictable kernel schedule.

Instead of receiving a steady stream of errata notifications for user-space packages, you will now receive both kernel and user-space updates at the same time, allowing you to better plan your update windows and internal qualifications.

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You asked for reliable protection from security threats and vulnerabilities…

Feel confident knowing that we are on top of any security situation that may arise.

Rely on Red Hat for industry-leading security expertise, Red Hat Access Labs self-detection tools and more to keep your systems safe.

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Red Hat Access Labs for Security

More Improvements

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Getting Started with Red Hat

We've created a new Getting Started with Red Hat page to deliver a more consistent onboarding experience for new subscribers and Customer Portal users. Featured content includes guided tours and quick access to product information that will continue to evolve to help expedite your path to success with your Red Hat Subscription.

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Find community answers more quickly

Customers who post a discussion in the Portal community can now mark a reply to that comment as the "best response", highlighting the solution or most useful contribution and allowing other community users to quickly access this knowledge. The user who posted the comment will receive a large bonus to their community reputation score.

Beginning your relationship with Red Hat has never been easier.

Most sales contracts are now standardized, with new e-signature technology soon available to expedite the contract process. In addition, non-disclosure agreements have been significantly simplified with the implementation of a new click-thru NDA tool.

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Improved 24x7 case handling

Customers now have a single person per region to be responsible for escalated, high impact support cases. System improvements ensure that you have visibility into the status and progress of your 24x7 cases.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform Proof of Concept Documentation screenshot

Take a test drive of Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform

To make it easier to get started with evaluation of RHEL-OSP, we have performed a full review and reorganization of content in the Proof-of-Concept guide.

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Increased visibility of Red Hat Enterprise Linux Release Notes

We improved the way Release Notes are documented and produced, improving accuracy and relevancy. Release Notes will be published exclusively on the Customer Portal rather than contained inside the product.

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Review OpenStack use cases in our product documentation

We have created a series of articles outlining advanced networking and storage configuration in RHEL-OSP. This provides greater information about how to configure complex environments. We've also created a new Package Manifest that allows customers to get more information about changes in packages between releases.

Red Hat Ceph Storage Get Started screenshot

Find your Red Hat Storage information in one central location

Introducing a new product page for Ceph (1.2 release) which provides customers with a single location to download, get started, access ISOs and install documentation, peruse marketing materials and obtain support for Ceph for Ubuntu and Ceph for CentOS. Existing Inktank customers using Linux competitor solutions will continue to be supported.

Red Hat Satellite 6 download page screenshot

Satellite 6 ISO Content now accessible in the Customer Portal

Based on requests from customers running Satellite 6 in a disconnected environment, the downloads area of the Customer Portal now includes inclusion of Satellite Content ISO's for Satellite 6 customers. Satellite Content ISOs are specifically intended to populate a Satellite system that is not connected to the internet via Red Hat products.

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