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Red Hat openShift Container storage Features

Integrated. Containerized. Versatile.

Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage provides complete persistent storage and data portability for OpenShift across the hybrid multicloud.

Integrated management

Improve the storage-provisioning experience for application developers through more control and efficiency.

Rapid deployment

Operator-based deployment quickly sets up OpenShift Container Storage on the cluster.

Persistent storage

Dynamically provision persistent volumes for application and infrastructure services in their native interfaces.

Multiple use cases

Data protection, availability, and portability for traditional application workloads and emerging application workloads that require both static and dynamic data. Choose from block, shared file, and object (S3) storage for your workloads.


Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage is a highly integrated collection of cloud storage and data services for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. It is available as part of the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform Service Catalog, packaged as an operator to facilitate simple deployment and management.


  1. 1

    Plan your deployment

    Review the following important considerations to ensure a successful deployment:

    • Architecture
    • Internal and external storage services
    • Security
    • Subscriptions
    • Infrastructure requirements
  2. 2

    Deploy OpenShift Container Storage on your preferred platform

    Follow step-by-step instructions for your platform to quickly go from Operator Hub to available storage.

  3. 3

    Verify your deployment

    Follow step-by-step instructions for your platform to ensure OpenShift Container Storage is deployed correctly.

  1. 1

    Plan your migration

    Before performing your migration to OpenShift Container Platform 4.6, it is important to take the time to properly plan for the transition as described in Migration Toolkit for Containers. OpenShift Container Platform 4 introduces architectural changes and enhancements, so the procedures that you used to manage your OpenShift Container Platform 3 cluster might not apply for OpenShift Container Platform 4.

  2. 2

    Watch a live migration from OpenShift Container Storage 3x to OpenShift Container Storage 4.x

    Gain a better understanding of the migration workflow and learn about important recommendations in this OpenShift Container Storage office hours migration demo.

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Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage Life Cycle

Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage offers subscription services for each major release in three primary phases (Full Support, Maintenance Support, Extended Life) as part of the OpenShift Container Platform life cycle.