Now available: Direct documentation feedback for Red Hat build of Eclipse Vert.x

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Direct documentation feedback provides you with the ability to submit feedback on documentation. You can highlight sections of a document and attach comments. This article explains how to submit feedback on Red Hat build of Eclipse Vert.x 3.9 product documentation.


Make sure you are logged in to the Red Hat Customer Portal.


  1. Click the Feedback button in the top-right corner of the document view to see existing feedback.

    Note: the feedback feature is enabled only in the multi-page HTML version of the document.

  2. Highlight a section of the document where you want to provide feedback.

  3. Click the Add Feedback icon.

  4. A text box appears in the feedback section on the right side of the page. Enter your feedback in the text box and click Submit.

The direct documentation feedback feature creates a new issue in the Vert.x documentation Jira project to track the progress of your feedback. Click the issue tracker link in the feedback view to follow progress towards resolution of your feedback.

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