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4.5.3. Reserving NUMA nodes with PCI devices

Compute uses the filter scheduler to prioritize hosts with PCI devices for instances requesting PCI. The hosts are weighted using the PCIWeigher option, based on the number of PCI devices available on the host and the number of PCI devices requested by an instance. If an instance requests PCI devices, then the hosts with more PCI devices are allocated a higher weight than the others. If an instance is not requesting PCI devices, then prioritization does not take place.

This feature is especially useful in the following cases:

  • As an operator, if you want to reserve nodes with PCI devices (typically expensive and with limited resources) for guest instances that request them.
  • As a user launching instances, you want to ensure that PCI devices are available when required.

For this value to be considered, one of the following values must be added to the NovaSchedulerDefaultFilters parameter in your Compute environment file: PciPassthroughFilter or NUMATopologyFilter.

The pci_weight_multiplier configuration option must be a positive value.