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6.4. Guidelines for configuring NovaPCIPassthrough

  • Do not use the devname parameter when configuring PCI passthrough, as the device name of a NIC can change. Instead, use vendor_id and product_id because they are more stable, or use the address of the NIC.
  • To use the product_id parameter to pass through a Physical Function (PF), you must also specify the address of the PF. However, you can use just the address parameter to specify PFs, because the address is unique on each host.
  • To pass through all the Virtual Functions (VFs) you must specify only the product_id and vendor_id. You must also specify the address if you are using SRIOV for NIC partitioning and you are running OVS on a VF.
  • To pass through only the VFs for a PF but not the PF itself, you can use the address parameter to specify the PCI address of the PF and product_id to specify the product ID of the VF.