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4.3.2. Creating a flavor

  1. As an admin user in the dashboard, select Admin > System > Flavors.
  2. Click Create Flavor, and specify the following fields:

    表4.4 Flavor Options


    Flavor Information


    Unique name.



    Unique ID. The default value, auto, generates a UUID4 value, but you can also manually specify an integer or UUID4 value.



    Number of virtual CPUs.


    RAM (MB)

    Memory (in megabytes).


    Root Disk (GB)

    Ephemeral disk size (in gigabytes); to use the native image size, specify 0. This disk is not used if Instance Boot Source=Boot from Volume.


    Epehemeral Disk (GB)

    Secondary ephemeral disk size (in gigabytes) available to an instance. This disk is destroyed when an instance is deleted.

    The default value is 0, which implies that no ephemeral disk is created.


    Swap Disk (MB)

    Swap disk size (in megabytes).

    Flavor Access

    Selected Projects

    Projects which can use the flavor. If no projects are selected, all projects have access (Public=Yes).

  3. Click Create Flavor.