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1.2.4. Importing an image

You can import images into the Image service (glance) by using web-download to import an image from a URI and glance-direct to import an image from a local file system. The web-download option is enabled by default.

Import methods are configured by the cloud administrator. Run the glance import-info command to list available import options. Importing from a remote URI

You can use the web-download method to copy an image from a remote URI by using a two-stage process. First, an image record is created and then the image is retrieved from a URI. This method provides a more secure way to import images than the deprecated copy-from method used in Image API v1.


  1. Create an image and specify the URI of the image to import.

    $ glance image-create --uri <URI>
  2. You can monitor the availability of the image:

    $ openstack image show <image_id> command.

    Replace the ID with the one provided during image creation.