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7.293. yum-rhn-plugin

Updated yum-rhn-plugin packages that fix several bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The yum-rhn-plugin packages make it possible to receive content from Red Hat Network in yum.

Bug Fixes

Previously, yum-rhn-plugin ignored the timeout value set for yum. In some scenarios with slow networking, this could cause yum to timeout when communicating with Red Hat Network. Now, yum-rhnplugin abides by the timeout set for all yum repositories.
Previously, the check-update utility could in certain cases incorrectly return a 0 error code if an error occurred. With this update, "1" is returned if an error occurs.
Prior to this update, applying automatic updates with the yum-rhn-plugin utility on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 system could fail with an "empty transaction" error message. This was because the cached version of yum-rhn-plugin metadata was not up-to-date. With this update, yum-rhn-plugin downloads new metadata if available, ensuring that all packages are available for download.
Previously, the messaging in yum-rhn-plugin was specific only to Red Hat Network Classic scenarios. This update clarifies what source yum-rhn-plugin is receiving updates from to reduce confusion.
Prior to this update, yum-rhn-plugin did not correctly try the alternate server URLs provided if the first option failed. This update ensures that fail-over situations are handled correctly.
All users of yum-rhn-plugin are advised to upgrade to these updated packages which fix these bugs.