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7.248. system-config-lvm

Updated system-config-lvm packages that fix three bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The system-config-lvm packages contain a utility for configuring logical volumes (LVs) using a graphical user interface.

Bug Fixes

When there was a RAID1 mirrored volume created using the lvm utility, system-config-lvm did not start correctly. The underlying source code has been modified to prevent system-config-lvm from terminating unexpectedly. The RAID1 volumes are now shown properly, however, they are visible as its underlying logical volumes.
During an attempt to work with a mirror log, the system-config-lvm utility failed on start. This bug has been fixed and mirrored volumes are now supported as expected.
Due to a bug in the best_fit() function, which tried to fit all existing logical volumes (LVs) into the display area, system-config-lvm did not start correctly on systems with large amount of existing LVs. This bug has been fixed and system-config-lvm is fully functional even on systems with more then 350 LVs.
All users of system-config-lvm are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs.