7.146. mod_authz_ldap

Updated mod_authz_ldap packages that fix three bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The mod_authz_ldap packages provide a module for the Apache HTTP Server to authenticate users against an LDAP database.

Bug Fixes

Prior to this update, the License field of the mod_authz_ldap packages contained an incorrect tag. This update modifies the license text. Now, the license tag correctly reads "ASL1.0".
Prior to this update, the mod_authz_ldap module could leak memory. As a consequence, the memory consumption of the httpd process could increase as more requests were processed. This update modifies the underlying code to handle LDAP correctly. Now, the memory consumption as at expected levels.
Prior to this update, passwords were logged in plain text to the error log when an LDAP bind password was configured if a connection error occurred. This update modifies the underlying code to prevent passwords from being logged in error conditions.
All users of mod_authz_ldap are advised to upgrade to this updated package, which fixes these bugs.