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5.7. Clustering

corosync component
The redundant ring feature of corosync is not fully supported in combination with InfiniBand or Distributed Lock Manager (DLM). A double ring failure can cause both rings to break at the same time on different nodes. In addition, DLM is not functional if ring0 is down.
selinux-policy component
The fence-sanlock agent does not support SELinux in Enforcing mode at the moment.
lvm2 component, BZ#814779
Clustered environment is not supported by lvmetad at the moment. If global/use_lvmetad=1 is used together with global/locking_type=3 configuration setting (clustered locking), the use_lvmetad setting is automatically overriden to 0 and lvmetad is not used in this case at all. Also, the following warning message is displayed:
WARNING: configuration setting use_lvmetad overriden to 0 due to locking_type 3. Clustered environment not supported by lvmetad yet.
luci component, BZ#615898
luci will not function with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 clusters unless each cluster node has ricci version 0.12.2-14.