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7.71. gnome-settings-daemon

Updated gnome-settings-daemon packages that fix several bugs and add two enhancements are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The gnome-settings-daemon packages contain a daemon to share settings from GNOME with other applications. It also handles global key bindings, as well as a number of desktop-wide settings.

Bug Fixes

Previously, the LED indicators of some Wacom graphics tablets were not supported in the gnome-settings-daemon package. Consequently, the status LEDs on Wacom tablets would not accurately indicate the current control mode. With this update, LED support has been added to gnome-settings-daemon. As a result, the tablet LEDs now work as epected.
Previously, using function keys without modifiers (F1, F2, and so on) as keyboard shortcuts for custom actions did not work. With this update, a patch has been added to fix this bug. As a result, gnome-settings-daemon now allows unmodified function keys to be used as keyboard shortcuts for custom actions.
In certain cases, the gnome-settings-daemon did not properly handle the display configuration settings. Consequently, using the system's hot-key to change the display configuration either did not select a valid XRandR configuration or kept monitors in clone mode. This bug has been fixed and gnome-settings-daemon now selects valid XRandR modes and handles the clone mode as expected.
Previously, connecting a screen tablet to a computer before activation of the tablet screen caused the input device to be matched with the only available monitor - the computer screen. Consequently, the stylus motions were incorrectly mapped to the computer screen instead of the tablet itself. With this update, a patch has been introduced to detect the tablet screen as soon as it becomes available. As a result, the device is correctly re-matched when the tablet screen is detected.
Previously, using the shift key within a predefined keyboard shortcut mapped to the tablet's ExpressKey button caused gnome-settings-daemon to crash after pressing ExpressKey. This bug has been fixed, and the shortcuts which use the shift key can now be mapped to ExpressKey without complications.
Prior to this update, the mouse plug-in in the gnome-settings-daemon package interfered with Wacom devices. Consequently, using ExpressKey on a tablet after hot-plugging generated mouse click events. With this update, the mouse plug-in has been fixed to ignore tablet devices and the interference no longer occurs.
Previously, on tablets with multiple mode-switch buttons such as the Wacom Cintiq 24HD, all mode-switch buttons would cycle though the different modes. With this update, each different mode-switch button will select the right mode for the given button.
Due to a bug in the gnome settings daemon, changing the monitor layout led to incorrect tablet mapping. With this update, the graphics tablet mapping is automatically updated when the monitor layout is changed. As a result, the stylus movements are correctly mapped after the layout change and no manual update is needed.


With this update, several integration improvements for Wacom graphics tablets have been backported from upstream: - touchscreen devices are now automatically set in absolute mode instead of relative - memory leaks on tablet hot plug have been fixed - ExpressKeys no longer fail after the layout rotation - test applications are now included in the package to help with debugging issues.
With this update, the touch feature of input devices has been enabled in the default settings of gnome-settings-daemon.
All users of gnome-settings-daemon are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs and add these enhancements.