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7.69. gnome-packagekit

An updated gnome-packagekit package that fixes four bugs is now available.
gnome-packagekit provides session applications for the PackageKit API.

Bug Fixes

If a package adds or removes a .repo file while updates are being installed, PackageKit (packagekitd) sends a RepoListChanged() message. If Software Update (/usr/bin/gpk-update-viewer) was being used to install these updates it responded to the message by attempting to refresh the available updates list. This resulted in said list going blank. As of this update, gpk-update-viewer ignores such signals from packagekitd, leaving the available updates list visible and unchanged.
When a 64-bit Red Hat Enterprise Linux instance had both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of a package installed, and an update for both packages was available and presented in the Software Update (/usr/bin/gpk-update-viewer) window, the summary and package name appeared for both architectures. Package size and the errata note only presented for the 32-bit version, however. For the 64-bit version, the size column remained blank. And, when the 64-bit version was selected in Software list, the display pane below presented a ‘Loading...’ message rather than the errata note. With this update, gpk-update-viewer seeks out the exact package ID before falling back to the package name, ensuring both package versions are found and associated meta-data displayed when more than one package architecture is installed.
When an application is installed using the Add/Remove Software interface (/usr/bin/gpk-application), a dialogue box appears immediately post-install offering a Run button. Clicking this button launches the newly-installed program. Previously, under some circumstances, an improperly assigned pointer value meant clicking this Run button caused gpk-application to crash (segfault). With this update, the pointer is correctly assigned and gpk-application no longer crashes when launching a newly-installed application.
Previously, it was possible for an ordinary user to shutdown their system or log-out from a session while the PackageKit update tool was running. Depending on the transaction PackageKit was engaged in when the shutdown or logout was initiated, this could damage the RPM database and, consequently, damage the system. With this update, when ordinary users attempting to shutdown or log out while PackageKit is running an update, PackageKit inhibits the process and presents the user with an alert:
A transaction that cannot be interrupted is running.
Note: this update does not prevent a root user (or other user with equivalent administrative privileges) from shutting the system down or logging an ordinary user out of their session.
All PackageKit users should install this update which resolves these issues.