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7.213. rgmanager

Updated rgmanager packages that fix several bugs are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The rgmanager packages contain the Red Hat Resource Group Manager, which allows to create and manage high-availability server applications in the event of system downtime.

Bug Fixes

Due to an unlocked access to internal DBus data structures from different rgmanager threads, rgmanager could terminate unexpectedly inside dbus library functions when running rgmanager without the "-q" flag (set as default). The underlying source code has been modified and rgmanager no longer fails in this situation.
Previously, rgmanager preferred two nodes in a three-nodes cluster, which caused the third node being unused. The configuration has been changed and rgmanager now uses all nodes in the cluster as expected.
Previously, the cpglockd init script was not included in the chkconfig configuration file. This updated adds cpglockd in this file.
Resource Group Manager fails to stop a resource if it is located on an unmounted file system. As a result of this failure, rgmanager treated the resource as missing and marked the appropriate service as failed, which prevented the cluster from recovering the service. This update allows rgmanager to ignore this error if a resource has not been previously started with a service. The service can now be properly started on a different host.
When rgmanager received a remote start message for a particular service while already in the process of starting that service locally, a deadlock could occur. This sometimes happened during the recovery of a service that had failed its start operation. This bug has been fixed and rgmanager works as expected.
When a service is configured with a recoverable resource, such as nfsclient, a failure of that client correctly triggers the recovery function. However, even if recovery operation was successful, rgmanager still stopped and recovered the service. The underlying source code has been modified and rgmanager no longer stops successfully recovered clients.
All users of rgmanager are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs.