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7.27. coolkey

Updated coolkey packages that fix several bugs and add an enhancement are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
Coolkey is a smart card support library for the CoolKey, CAC (Common Access Card), and PIV (Personal Identity Verification) smart cards.

Bug Fixes

Previously, Coolkey was unable to recognize PIV-I cards. This update fixes the bug and Coolkey now allows these cards to be read and display certificate information as expected.
Prior to this update, The pkcs11_listcerts and pklogin_finder utilities were unable to recognize certificates and USB tokens on smart cards after upgrading the Coolkey library. A patch has been provided to address this issue and these utilities now work as expected.
Previously, the remote-viewer utility failed to utilize a plugged smart card reader when a Spice client was running. Eventually, the client could terminate unexpectedly. Now, remote-viewer recognizes the reader and offers authentication once the card is inserted and the crashes no longer occur.
Previously, certain new PIV-II smart cards could not be recognized by client card readers, the ESC card manager, or the pklogin_finder utility. A patch has been provided to address this issue and PIV-II cards now work with Coolkey as expected.


Support for Oberthur Smart Cards has been added to the Coolkey library.
Users of coolkey are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs and add this enhancement.