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7.268. virt-viewer

Updated virt-viewer packages that fix several bugs and add various enhancements are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
The virt-viewer packages provide Virtual Machine Viewer, which is a lightweight interface for interacting with the graphical display of a virtualized guest. Virtual Machine Viewer uses libvirt and is intended as a replacement for traditional VNC or SPICE clients.

Bug Fixes

The remote-viewer and the virt-viewer tools, both use the same constant to print their usage message. Consequently, when the user used an unknown command option with the remote-viewer command, the error message referred to the virt-viewer --help command instead of the remote-viewer --help command. With this update, the remote-viewer and virt-viewer code has been modified so that the commands now return the correct error message when used with an unknown option.
When connected to a guest using the virt-viewer -v command and the console was closed, the command prompt was printed at the end of the last line instead of the new line. This update fixes this bug and the command prompt is printed correctly.
If the XML listen attribute contained a string consisting of the colon (:) and zero (0) characters, virt-viewer did not treat the string as a wildcard address and did not create an appropriate remote host address as expected. Consequently, an attempt to connect to a remote host with such an address led to the connection failure. This update modifies the underlying source code to treat the aforementioned characters as wildcards and virt-viewer now successfully connects to a remote host in the described scenario.
Due to changes in the latest upstream version of the spice-gtk packages, virt-viewer stopped working with the new spice-gtk module. With this update, the virt-viewer packages have been rebuilt to work properly with this new version of spice-gtk.
Previously, the automatic window resize option did not work correctly with the remote-viewer client. When disabling and then re-enabling the automatic window size, the resized window was smaller then expected. This update provides a patch to fix this bug and the automatic window resize option now works properly.
Within certain non-US keyboard layouts, keyboard shortcuts using the Alt key and another character worked even if they were disabled in a virtual machine. This update applies a patch that fixes this bug and keyboard shortcuts are now disabled as expected.
Previously, when the virt-viewer client was sized to the full screen, the virt-viewer size resolution could not be set to a higher resolution than the monitor's native resolution. With this update, the user is now able to set a higher resolution than the monitor's native resolution.
When connecting to a SPICE guest and the user input an incorrect graphic password first, a later attempt to connect using the correct password was unsuccessful, and the virt-viewer tool terminated unexpectedly. This update modifies the underlying code so that virt-viewer no longer crashes in the described scenario.
When connecting to the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization portal and the remote-viewer client was started from the XPI plug-in, the client terminated unexpectedly with a segmentation fault. This update modifies the underlying code and applies a patch to fix this bug so that remote-viewer now works as expected in this situation.
Previously, when using remote-viewer to display multiple screens of a virtual machine with multiple physical displays, under certain circumstances, remote-viewer could display only one screen in single remote-viewer window and the other screens were disconnected. With this update, the underlying code has been modified so that all physical displays are now properly displayed in the respective remote-viewer windows.


This enhancement provides the new --title option which allows the user to specify a title displayed in the remote-viewer window title bar.
With this update, the virt-viewer tool supports the SpiceMonitorsConfig display message.
The virt-viewer tool is now able to handle requests from the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization portal to enable or disable passing of the Ctrl+Alt+Delete key combination to the guest operating system.
Screenshots can be currently saved only in the PNG format. With this update, the .png suffix is automatically added to the screenshot file name if is it missing.
All users of virt-viewer are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs and add these enhancements.