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7.265. virt-manager

Updated virt-manager packages that fix three bugs and add one enhancement are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
Virtual Machine Manager (virt-manager) is a graphical tool for administering virtual machines for KVM, Xen, and QEMU. The virt-manager utility uses the libvirt API and can start, stop, add or remove virtualized devices, connect to a graphical or serial console, and view resource usage statistics for existing virtualized guests on local or remote machines.

Bug Fixes

Previously, the live migration dialog box of the virt-manager tool incorrectly described the unit of bandwidth as "Mbps" instead of "MB/s". With this update, the migration dialog has been changed to provide correct information on bandwidth units.
Prior to this update, an unnecessary reboot occurred after the virt-manager tool created a new guest virtual machine by importing an existing disk image. With this update, a backported upstream patch has been provided, and virt-manager no longer restarts after importing an existing disk image.
Due to differences in dependency solving between the yum and rpm programs, the virt-manager package failed to update from "noarch" to newer architecture version. With this update, a patch has been provided to mark the noarch version as obsolete. As a result, the noarch package can now be updated without complications.


The "Delete Associated storage files" option is enabled by default in the virt-manager tool. A warning message is displayed prior to file deletion to notify the user about this configuration.
All users of virt-manager are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these bugs and add this enhancement.