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7.96. jss

Updated jss packages that fix one bug and add one enhancement are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.
Java Security Services (JSS) provides an interface between Java Virtual Machine and Network Security Services (NSS). It supports most of the security standards and encryption technologies supported by NSS including communication through SSL/TLS network protocols. JSS is primarily utilized by the Certificate Server.

Bug Fix

Previously, some JSS calls to certain NSS functions were to be replaced with calls to the JCA interface. The original JSS calls were therefore deprecated and as such caused warnings to be reported during refactoring. However, the deprecated calls have not been fully replaced with their JCA-based implementation in JSS 4.2. With this update, the calls are now no longer deprecated and the warnings now longer occur.


This update adds support for Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) key archival in JSS. It provides new methods, such as getCurve(), Java_org_mozilla_jss_asn1_ASN1Util_getTagDescriptionByOid() and getECCurveBytesByX509PublicKeyBytes().
All users of jss are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix this bug and add this enhancement.