A.2. Red Hat Network Configuration Client

As the name implies, the Red Hat Network Configuration Client (rhncfg-client) is installed and run from an individual client system. From there you may use it to gain knowledge about how RHN deploys configuration files to the client.
The Red Hat Network Configuration Client offers these primary modes: list, get, channels, diff, and verify.

A.2.1. Listing Config Files

To list the configuration files for the machine and the labels of the config channels containing them, issue the command:
rhncfg-client list
The output resembles the following list:
Config Channel File 
config-channel-17 /etc/example-config.txt 
config-channel-17 /var/spool/aalib.rpm
config-channel-14 /etc/rhn/rhn.conf
These are the configuration files that apply to your system. However, there may be duplicate files present in the other channels. For example, issue the following command:
rhncfg-manager list config-channel-14
and observe the following output:
Files in config channel 'config-channel-14'
You may then wonder where the second version of /etc/example-config.txt went. The rank of the /etc/example-config.txt file in config-channel-17 was higher than that of the same file in config-channel-14. As a result, the version of the configuration file in config-channel-14 is not deployed for this system, although the file still resides in the channel. The rhncfg-client command does not list the file because it will not be deployed on this system.