6.6.3. Download Software

The Download Software pages provide direct access to the ISO images available to you. These images, comprising full installations of various Red Hat operating system distributions, are actually located within the Downloads tab of the Channel Details page. This feature is available only to paid RHN subscribers.
To download an ISO image, Red Hat recommends copying its URL and using either curl or wget. Click the help on using curl or wget link for precise instructions. To obtain the URL, right-click on the disc link and choose to open the link in a new window or tab. You may then cancel the download, copy the lengthy URL from the location bar, and paste it into the curl or wget command.
Once downloaded, either burn the images to CD-Rs or CD-RWs or copy them to the machine for direct installation. Refer to http://www.redhat.com/download/howto_download.html for additional download instructions and steps to burn images to discs. Refer to the operating system's respective installation guide for instructions on installing from CD-ROM or hard drive, available at http://access.redhat.com/site/documentation/.
ISOs can be further broken down by their relevance to your systems. Two such lists emerge: Relevant and All. Relevant ISOs

The Relevant ISOs page is shown by default when you click Download Software in the left navigation bar. It displays a list of ISOs by channel now associated with your systems. Links within this list go to the Downloads tab of the Channel Details page. Refer to Section 6.6.3, “Download Software” for instructions on use.