1.6. Security, Quality Assurance, and Red Hat Network

Red Hat Network provides significant benefits to your network, including security and quality assurance. All transactions made between your systems and Red Hat Network are encrypted and all RPM packages are signed with Red Hat's GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) signature to ensure authenticity.
Red Hat Network incorporates the following security measures:
  1. Your System Profile, available at http://rhn.redhat.com, is accessible only with an RHN-verified username and password.
  2. A Digital Certificate is written to the client system after registration and is used to authenticate the system during each transaction between the client and Red Hat Network. The file is only readable by the root user on the client system.
  3. Red Hat signs all communications with an electronic signature using GPG. RPM can be used to verify the authenticity of the package before it is installed.
  4. Red Hat encrypts all transactions using a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection.
  5. The Red Hat Quality Assurance Team tests and verifies all packages before they are added to the Red Hat Errata list and Red Hat Network.