Introduction to the Guide

Welcome to the Red Hat Network 5.0.0 Reference Guide. The RHN Reference Guide guides you through registering systems with Red Hat Network and using its many features.
Since Red Hat Network offers a variety of service levels, from the most basic Update module to the most advanced Monitoring package, some content of this guide may be inapplicable to you. This is particularly true of the RHN website, which displays selected categories, pages, and tabs depending on the entitlement level of the account used to log in. Refer to Chapter 6, Red Hat Network Website to determine what is available to you.
Depending on the version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux installed and the addition of new features, the Red Hat Network Registration Client and the Red Hat Update Agent may differ from the descriptions in this manual. Use Red Hat Network to update these applications before referring to the latest version of this manual.
All versions of this manual are available in HTML and PDF formats at
This version of the manual covers version 4.4.5 of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 and 4 Red Hat Update Agent and versions 2.9.14 and 2.9.12 of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1 Red Hat Update Agent and Red Hat Network Registration Client, respectively.


Systems running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1 must use the Red Hat Network Registration Client before starting the Red Hat Update Agent. Refer to Chapter 5, Red Hat Network Registration Client for instructions. Systems running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 and later register with the Red Hat Update Agent. Refer to Chapter 2, Red Hat Update Agent for instructions.
For an overview of Red Hat Network offerings, please review the descriptions available at

1. More to Come

The Red Hat Network Reference Guide is constantly expanding as new Red Hat Network features and service plans are launched. HTML and PDF versions of this and other manuals are available within the Help section of the RHN website and at


Although this manual reflects the most current information possible, read the RHN Release Notes for information that may not have been available prior to the finalization of the documentation. The notes can be found on the RHN website and at
The following RHN documentation has been translated for the RHN 4.0 release: RHN 3.7 Reference Guide, RHN 3.7 Satellite Guide, RHN 3.7 Release Notes, and the RHN 4.0 Release Notes. Translations of the remaining RHN 4.0 documentation will be available after the initial release. Translated documentation is available at

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