6.7. Configuration

This tab is the portal to managing your configuration channels and files, whether they are centrally managed or limited to a single system. You must be a Configuration Administrator or an Organization Administrator to see the Configuration tab. In addition, you must have at least one Provisioning entitlement, or the tab does not appear.
Centrally-managed files are those that are available to multiple systems; changes to a single file in a central configuration channel can affect many systems. In addition, there are local configuration channels. Each system with a Provisioning entitlement has a local configuration channel (also referred to as an override channel) and a Sandbox channel. Both central and local configuration management are discussed in detail later in this chapter.

6.7.1. Overview

The Configuration Overview page allows you to assess at a glance the status of your configuration files and the systems that use them.
Configuration Summary
This panel provides quick reference information about your configuration files. Clicking on any of the blue text to the right displays an appropriate list of either relevant systems, channel details, or configuration files.
Configuration Actions
This panel offers direct access to the most common configuration management tasks. You can view or create files or channels, or enable configuration management on your systems.
Recently Modified Configuration Files
The list displayed here indicates which files have changed, to which channel they belong, and when they were changed. If no files have been recently changed, no list appears. Click on the name of the file to be taken to that file's Details page. Click on the channel name to be taken to the Channel Details page for that channel.
Recently Scheduled Configuration Deployments
Each action that has been scheduled is listed here along with the status of the action. Any configuration task that is scheduled, from enabling configuration management on a system to deploying a specific configuration file, is displayed here. This allows you to quickly assess if your tasks have succeeded, and to take action to correct any issues. Clicking on any blue text displays the System DetailsSchedule page for the specified system.