C.5.11. Linux::Process Running

The Linux::Process Running probe verifies that the specified process is functioning properly. It counts either processes or process groups, depending on whether the Count process groups checkbox is selected.
By default, the checkbox is selected, thereby indicating that the probe should count the number of process group leaders independent of the number of children. This allows you, for example, to verify that two instances of the Apache Web server are running regardless of the (dynamic) number of child processes. If it is not selected, the probe conducts a straightforward count of the number of processes (children and leaders) matching the specified process.
Specify the process by its command name or process ID. (PID). Entering a PID overrides the entry of a command name. If no command name or PID is entered, the error Command not found is displayed and the probe enters a CRITICAL state.
Requirements — The Red Hat Network Monitoring Daemon (rhnmd) must be running on the monitored system to execute this probe.

Table C.25. Linux::Process Running settings

Field Value
Command name
PID file
Count process groups (checked)
Timeout* 15
Critical Maximum Number Running
Critical Minimum Number Running