C.9.4. Oracle::Buffer Cache

The Oracle::Buffer Cache probe computes the Buffer Cache Hit Ratio so as to optimize the system global area (SGA) Database Buffer Cache size. It collects the following metrics:
  • Db Block Gets — The number of blocks accessed via single block gets (not through the consistent get mechanism).
  • Consistent Gets — The number of accesses made to the block buffer to retrieve data in a consistent mode.
  • Physical Reads — The cumulative number of blocks read from disk.
  • Buffer Cache Hit Ratio — The rate at which the database goes to the buffer instead of the hard disk to retrieve data. A low ratio suggests more RAM should be added to the system.

Table C.51. Oracle::Buffer Cache settings

Field Value
Oracle SID*
Oracle Username*
Oracle Password*
Oracle Port 1521
Timeout* 30
Warning Minimum Buffer Cache Hit Ratio
Critical Minimum Buffer Cache Hit Ratio