B.6. Channel Labels

The architecture of a channel is not always clear from the channel label. Below is a list that shows the correspondence between channel labels and the official title of the architecture they serve.

Table B.1. Channel Labels

Channel Label Platform
channel-i386-sun-solaris i386 Solaris
channel-ia32 IA-32
channel-ia64 IA-64
channel-sparc Sparc
channel-alpha Alpha
channel-s390 IBM S/390
channel-s390x IBM System z
channel-iSeries IBM eServer System i
channel-pSeries IBM eServer System p
channel-x86_64 AMD64 and Intel EM64T
channel-ppc PPC
channel-sparc-sun-solaris Sparc Solaris
This is particularly necessary to know for the channel.software.create method.