6.3.2. Your Preferences

The Your Preferences page allows you to configure Red Hat Network options, including:
  • Email Notifications — Determine whether you want to receive email every time an Errata Alert is applicable to one or more systems in your RHN account.


    This setting also enables Management and Provisioning customers to receive a daily summary of system events. These include actions affecting packages, such as scheduled Errata Updates, system reboots, or failures to check in. In addition to selecting this checkbox, you must identify each system to be included in this summary email. (By default, all Management and Provisioning systems are included in the summary.) This can be done either individually through the System Details page or for multiple systems at once through the System Set Manager interface. Note that RHN sends these summaries only to verified email addresses. To disable all messages, simply deselect this checkbox.
  • RHN List Page Size — Maximum number of items that appear in a list on a single page. If more items are in the list, clicking the Next button displays the next group of items. This preference applies to system lists, Errata lists, package lists, and so on.
  • "Your RHN" Start Page — select the information areas that are displayed on the Your RHN Start Page. Check the box to the left of the information area you would like to include.
After making changes to any of these options, click the Save Preferences button in the bottom right-hand corner.