C.5.8. Linux::Process Counts by State

The Linux::Process Counts by State probe identifies the number of processes in the following states:
  • Blocked — A process that has been switched to the waiting queue and whose state has been switched to waiting.
  • Defunct — A process that has terminated (either because it has been killed by a signal or because it has called exit()) and whose parent process has not yet received notification of its termination by executing some form of the wait() system call.
  • Stopped — A process that has been stopped before its execution could be completed.
  • Sleeping — A process that is in the Interruptible sleep state and that can later be reintroduced into memory, resuming execution where it left off.
Requirements — The Red Hat Network Monitoring Daemon (rhnmd) must be running on the monitored system to execute this probe.

Table C.22. Linux::Process Counts by State settings

Field Value
Timeout* 15
Critical Maximum Blocked Processes
Warning Maximum Blocked Processes
Critical Maximum Defunct Processes
Warning Maximum Defunct Processes
Critical Maximum Stopped Processes
Warning Maximum Stopped Processes
Critical Maximum Sleeping Processes
Warning Maximum Sleeping Processes
Critical Maximum Child Processes
Warning Maximum Child Processes