6.4.4. System Set Manager —

Many actions performed for individual systems through the System Details page may be performed for multiple systems via the System Set Manager, including:
  • Apply Errata updates
  • Upgrade packages to the most recent versions available
  • Add/remove systems to/from system groups
  • Subscribe/unsubscribe systems to/from channels
  • Update system profiles
  • Modify system preferences such as scheduled download and installation of packages
  • Kickstart several Provisioning-entitled systems at once
  • Set the subscription and rank of configuration channels for Provisioning-entitled systems
  • Tag the most recent snapshots of your selected Provisioning-entitled systems
  • Revert Provisioning-entitled systems to previous snapshots
  • Run remote commands on Provisioning-entitled systems
Before performing actions on multiple systems, select the systems you wish to modify. To do so, click the List the systems link, check the boxes to the left of the systems you wish to select, and click the Update List button.
You can access the System Set Manager in three ways:
  1. Click the System Set Manager link in the left gray navigation area.
  2. Click the Use Group button in the System Groups list.
  3. Check the Work with Group link on the System Group Details page. System Set Manager ⇒ Overview —

Description of the various options available to you in the remaining tabs.