6.5. Errata

Select the Errata tab from the top navigation bar to track the availability and application of errata to your managed systems.
The first page to appear here is the Errata Overview page. This page displays relevant errata, which are errata that apply to at least one system to which you have administrative access and that have not yet been applied.


To receive an email when Errata Updates are issued for your system, go to Your RHNYour Preferences and select Receive email notifications.
Red Hat releases Errata Updates in three categories, or types: Security Updates, Bug Fix Updates, and Enhancement Updates. Each Errata Update is comprised of a summary of the problem and the solution, including the RPM packages required to fix the problem.
Icons are used to identify the three types of Errata Updates:
  • — Security Updates available, update strongly recommended
  • — Bug Fix Updates available and recommended
  • — Enhancement Updates available
A synopsis of each erratum is provided in list form. This view instantly informs you of the type, severity (for Security Updates), and subject of the erratum, as well as the number of affected systems.
In addition to the pages described within this chapter, you may view Errata by product line from the following location: https://rhn.redhat.com/errata.

6.5.1. Relevant Errata

As shown in Figure 6.17, “Errata List”, the Relevant Errata page displays a customized list of Errata Updates that applies to your registered systems. The list provides a summary of each Errata Update, including its type, severity (for Security Updates), advisory number, synopsis, systems affected, and date updated.
Errata List

Figure 6.17. Errata List

Clicking on the Advisory takes you to the Details tab of the Errata Details page. Clicking on the number of associated systems takes you to the Affected Systems tab of the Errata Details page. Refer to Section, “Errata Details” for more information.