C.8.6. Network Services::POP Mail

The Network Services::POP Mail probe determines if it can connect to the POP3 port on the system. A port number must be specified; specifying another port number overrides the default port 110. This probe collects the following metric:
  • Remote Service Latency — The time it takes in seconds for the POP server to answer a connection request.
The required Expect value is the string to be matched against after a successful connection is made to the POP server. The probe looks for the string in the first line of the response from the system. The default is +OK. If the expected string is not found, the probe returns a CRITICAL state.

Table C.42. Network Services::POP Mail settings

Field Value
Port* 110
Expect* +OK
Timeout* 10
Critical Maximum Remote Service Latency
Warning Maximum Remote Service Latency