7.4.5. Deleting Notification Methods

Theoretically, removing notification methods should be as easy as creating them. After all, you must populate no fields to conduct the deletion and a button exists for this explicit purpose. However, existing relationships between methods and probes can complicate this process. Follow these steps to remove a notification method:
  1. Log into the RHN website as an Organization Administrator or Monitoring Administrator.
  2. Navigate to the Monitoring ⇒ Notifications page and click the name of the method to be removed.
  3. On the User Details ⇒ Notification Methods tab, click delete method. If the method is not associated with any probes, you are presented with a confirmation page. Click Confirm Deletion. The notification method is removed.


    Since both the notification method name and address can be edited, consider updating the method rather than deleting it. This redirects notifications from all probes using the method without having to edit each probe and create a new notification method.
  4. If the method is associated with one or more probes, you are presented with a list of the probes using the method and the systems to which the probes are attached instead of a confirmation page. Click the probe name to go directly to the System Details ⇒ Probes tab.
  5. On the System Details ⇒ Probes tab, select another notification method and click Update Probe.
  6. You may now return to the Monitoring ⇒ Notifications page and delete the notification method.