C.9.10. Oracle::Library Cache

The Oracle::Library Cache probe computes the Library Cache Miss Ratio so as to optimize the SHARED_POOL_SIZE in init.ora. It collects the following metrics:
  • Library Cache Miss Ratio — The rate at which a library cache pin miss occurs. This happens when a session executes a statement that it has already parsed but finds that the statement is no longer in the shared pool.
  • Executions — The number of times a pin was requested for objects of this namespace.
  • Cache Misses — The number of pins of objects with previous pins since the object handle was created that must now retrieve the object from disk.

Table C.57. Oracle::Library Cache settings

Field Value
Oracle SID*
Oracle Username*
Oracle Password*
Oracle Port* 1521
Timeout* 30
Critical Maximum Library Cache Miss Ratio
Warning Maximum Library Cache Miss Ratio