1.4. Monitoring

Monitoring entitlements are available to RHN Satellite Server customers with Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems.
Monitoring allows an organization to install probes that can immediately detect failures and identify performance degradation before it becomes critical. Used properly, the Monitoring entitlement can provide insight into the applications, services, and devices on each system.
Specifically, Monitoring provides:
  • Probes — Dozens of probes can be run against each system. These range from simple ping checks to custom remote programs designed to return valuable data.
  • Notification — Alerts can be sent to email and pager addresses with contact methods identified by you when a probe changes state. Each probe notification can be sent to a different method, or address.
  • Central Status — The results of all probes are summarized in a single Probe Status page, with the systems affected broken down by state.
  • Reporting — By selecting a probe and identifying the particular metric and a range of time, you can generate graphs and event logs depicting precisely how the probe has performed. This can be instrumental in predicting and preventing costly system failures.
  • Probe Suites — Groups of probes may be assigned to a system or set of systems at once rather than individually. This allows Administrators to be certain that similar systems are monitored in the same way and saves time configuring individual probes.
  • Notification Filters — Probe notifications may be redirected to another recipient, halted, or sent to an additional recipient for a specified time based on probe criteria, notification method, scout or organization.